Campaigns and Issues

  • Time for Treaty

    Read our resource ‘Treaty in Australia’ which examines what Treaty is, the history of Treaties with First Nations here and elsewhere, and where we are now. Take action and support the movement for Treaties in Australia.
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  • Submissions and Reports

    Critical to our advocacy is supporting the voice of First Nations people and their rights in submissions to the public inquiries of governments, parliaments, royal commissions and other public commissions.
  • Reconciliation

    Reconciliation is a process where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, non-Indigenous Australians and Australian governments forge a new relationship based on mutual understanding, recognition and respect.
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  • National Close the Gap Day

    Organising and running a National Close the Gap Day activity is easy and fun. Each activity plays a vital role helping to advocate for health equality. Register below.
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  • Constitutional Recognition

    The Statement From Heart is a powerful and unique statement of consensus from the many First Nations represented, now is the time to heed their calls and address how Australia’s founding document acknowledges First Nations People.
  • Hands Up! Australia

    For nearly 25 years the Sea of Hands has been a symbol of Solidarity with First Nations Peoples. Each year, participants in Hands Up! book a hands visit for events like National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC week.
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  • Survival Day and a New National Holiday

    26 January 1788 is not a day to celebrate. It's a day for recognising the survival of First Nations Peoples, and of mourning what has been lost. We need a national day that brings all Australians together, not a day of division.
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  • Children in out-of-home care

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander children represent 1 in every 3 children living in out-of-home care. There is a clear and urgent need for change!
  • The Redfern Statement

    On 14 February 2017, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples delivered the Redfern Statement to the Prime Minister in Canberra.
  • Health

    In 2006 ANTaR along with others responded to Dr Tom Calma's rallying call to close the life expectancy gap and launched the Close the Gap Campaign for health equality. In 2018 there remains much work to be done.
  • Stolen Generations

    Between 1910 to 1970, when removal of Aboriginal children from their families was at its peak, between 10 and 30 per cent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were forcibly removed from their families and communities.
  • Hands Up!

    For 21 years this October the Sea of Hands has been an important tool for engaging students with Reconciliation. Each year, schools around Australia book the Sea of Hands to visit and help mark events like Reconciliation Week.
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  • Racism

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience racial discrimination all the time. 1 in 3 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people had experienced verbal racial abuse in the last six months. Take action below!
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  • Closing the Gap

    It is more important than ever to hold governments to account for their commitments to closing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health gap. Read on for how to get involved.
  • WA Community Closures

    The WA Government wants to close remote Aboriginal communities. Former PM Tony Abbott said living in these communities is a 'lifestyle choice'. Find out more about the crisis in remote WA Aboriginal Communities.
  • Justice

    ANTaR undertakes its justice advocacy work in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led organisations Change the Record and Just Reinvest NSW and supports the Raise the Age campaign.
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  • UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are entitled to the full realisation of their rights as articulated in relevant human rights treaties.
  • Native Title and Land Rights

    The Native Title Act attempted to clarify the legal position of landholders and the process for claiming, protecting and recognising native title in the courts. The native title system “lumbers on”, but is it fair or equitable?
  • Northern Territory Communities

    ANTaR in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations propose a better way to work with Communities in the NT. Photo Credit: Amnesty International Australia