Time for Treaty

As Treaty stands in 2019 there has been some progress in some states and territories, but not from our national parliament, and with a long journey still ahead of us.

ANTaR beleives that as Australians, all of us need to understand, as best we can, what Treaties are, why they are important, what they might come to represent and where they might lead us together as reconciled peoples.

To aid the Treaty movement ANTaR has put together the resources and campaign tools below. With more detailed specific state and territory resources still to come.

ANTaR is also very pleased to be partnering with the National Native Title Council and the University of Melbourne to hold a National Treaties Summit in Melbourne in April 2020.

We encourage you to join with us to help make the Summit a success and the campaigning impactful.

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What is Treaty?

Treaty is an agreement. 

Treaty is a legally binding settlement involving two or more parties, nations, groups, organisations or interests. 

Treaty is reached after a process of negotiation and not merely consultation. Consultation can be understood as a one-way process. Negotiation, on the other hand, involves parties coming to the table as equals working towards a mutually beneficial resolution. 

Read our full, downloadable, shareable resource for the full picture. Including, the history of Treaty in Australia, what has happened elsewhere in the world, and a snapshot of where we are nationally and by state and territory.

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What can you do

The Treaty movement is quickly growing as more and more Australians hear about the Uluru Statement from the Heart and what First Nations people ask of us in their landmark declaration of 2017.

The governments of Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland are already off the mark and at various stages of engagement with First Nations People on agreement making processes. We must work together to build on this momentum. 

Help us build an active movement for Treaty

There are a range of petitions specific to the State and Territory governments who have been silent on Treaty.

Please consider signing - but importantly sharing the campaign actions online along with our resources on Treaty.

We've got everything you'll need to get started.

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