• Treat-ed Right

    ‘Australia stands apart from the rest of the world and it is not for a reason that we can be proud of.’ ANTaR Intern and Masters of Development Studies candidate Luckylyn Wallace discusses how Australia is failing its First Nations Peoples when it comes to Treaty.

    Luckylyn Wallace

  • Advance Screenings of The Australian Dream

    The Australian Dream premiered at opening night of the Melbourne International Film Festival last week. It’s a powerful and deeply personal account of Adam Goodes' journey from defying on-field, and very public, racial attacks to speaking out against racism as captain of the Sydney Swans and Australian of the Year.

    Thanks to Madman Films ANTaR is pleased to be able to host two special advanced screenings of the film in Melbourne and Sydney!

  • The day of observance that takes a week

    Happy NAIDOC week! Do you know what NAIDOC stands for?  It was originally the acronym for the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee when it was for a day – now we have a full week (and a bit in some states/territories). 

    Peter Lewis

  • 10 Ways to Get Engaged!

    It’s NAIDOC Week, Yawuru woman and ANTaR Board Director, Shannan Dodson, suggests 10 ways to positively and respectfully interact with First Nations issues, and in support of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters.

  • 'It's a long game'

    On Saturday 15 June, I attended Exchanging Ideas: First Nations Consensus in Constitutional Reform, Nation Building and Treaty Making Processes held at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

  • What can we learn from justice reinvestment?

    Mark Riboldi, Advocacy and Communications Manager at Community Legal Centres NSW highlights the importance of community-led justice reinvestment.

    When people say ‘justice reinvestment’, they could be referring to or thinking of a lot of different things, depending on their perspective and experience.

  • Expect the unexpected in Australian politics

    Saturday night was a shock to say the least. For my fellow politics junkies that spent their Saturday night glued to the ABC to watch the Election results, you’d know that the punditry, the betting agencies, three years of polling, and nearly all of the talking heads had called this one for the Labor Party.

    And yet, by about 8pm it started to become clear that the electorate was about to deliver a very different outcome to the one we’d all expected.

    For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs, the implications are big and many.

  • Answers were there to greet us in Bourke

    Last week, I had a chance to do a ‘roadie’ with my old boss and former Social Justice Commissioner, Mick Gooda. I’ve done a couple of trips with Mick over the years and it is always good fun doing a long drive with the great man.