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Federal Election

Support our advocacy in the lead up to the next Federal election to keep critical issues like Closing the Gap, over-incarceration and deaths in custody, cultural heritage protection, and Voice, Treaty and Truth-Telling, firmly on the agenda of the political parties. Help us let the politicians know that these issues are important to all Australians.   

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Truth & Justice

Join us in our commitment to truth-telling about our shared history, as asked of us by First Nations People in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We acknowledge that a broader understanding and acceptance of  Truth is essential to healing and the path forward as a reconciled nation.

This includes justice for the 475+ First Nations Peoples who have died in custody in the 30 years since the Royal Commission’s comprehensive final report gave us a pathway to stopping the deaths. To date there has been no one held criminally responsible for these deaths.

There cannot be 475+ deaths and no accountability, stand with us to end this national shame, one death in custody is too many.

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Cultural Heritage Protection

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage is in peril until we listen to First Nations Peoples and help them safeguard the irreplaceable treasure that we should all take responsibility for. Please support ANTaR’s work with our First Nations-led partner organisations to ensure tragic losses like the destruction of Juukan Caves never happen again. 

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Time for Treaty

Please support our ongoing work for Treaty!

We are continuing in our efforts to raise public awareness about the importance of Treaties with the First Nations Peoples of this continent, as well as to provide resources and facilitate conversations about Treaty through the National Treaties Summit series of online events, which aim to progress the movement for Treaty in Australia.

It’s a big task, Treaty processes are underway in just 3 out 9 states and territorries so far.

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Close the Gap

We need your help to hold governments to account for their commitments to Close the Gap and achieve parity in life outcomes for First Nations Peoples with non-Indigenous Australians.

Key focus areas include children’s health, over representation in out-of-home care, education, healthy and safe families and housing, employment and economic participation, over representation of youth and adults in the criminal justice system, emotional well-being, and connection to Country.

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Become a Regular Donor

Your monthly gift will allow ANTaR to plan effective campaigns and continue our vital work for justice, rights and respect for Australia’s First Peoples.

Your monthly donation will be automatically contributed from your credit card. We will send you a receipt annually, just after the end of each financial year, showing all of your regular donations. You can change or cancel your regular donations at any time.

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What does ANTaR do with your donation?

We rely on the generosity of our donors. Your donation will help ANTaR achieve the social and political change needed to overcome Indigenous disadvantage. By supporting ANTaR you join the only national advocacy organisation dedicated specifically to the rights and justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

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5 Great Reasons to Donate to ANTaR

  1. Be part of a genuinely grass-roots movement for justice, rights and respect

    ANTaR was born as a grassroots movement of people, coming together to support the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for justice and rights. Your commitment makes ANTaR what it is – an organisation founded on the passion and integrity of community supporters around the country.

  2. Get behind campaigns built on partnership.

    ANTaR is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to reduce imprisonment rates, finally eliminate racism from our Constitution, achieve health equality and address discrimination in Northern Territory communities.

  3. Support a small dynamic NGO, with low overheads

    Although ANTaR is a small organisation, we are actively engaged across a range of policy issues and campaigns. We respond quickly in the media to new developments. Our overheads are low, which means your donations make a bigger impact.

  4. Provide direct support for Australia’s First Peoples

    Along with advocacy, we deliver an economic development program that directly benefits Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Through our online shop and merchandise program, we support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, musicians, producers and businesses.

  5. Support informed, evidence-based advocacy for a better Australia

    ANTaR’s campaigns and advocacy are based on evidence and human rights principles. Our work is inclusive and non-partisan, respectful, collaborative and strategic.

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Your privacy

ANTaR is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. Please read ANTaR’s privacy policy here.

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How we secure your payment

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ANTaR uses up to 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt sensitive data between your browser and our servers.

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ANTaR is an independent, non-party political organisation that relies almost entirely on donations from the public to continue its work. In this way, ANTaR’s advocacy and voice remains strong and focussed on evidence and human rights. Currently, the Australian Government does not allow not-for-profits that are primarily engaged in advocacy activities to have tax-deductible status. Although your donations to ANTaR are not tax-deductible, you can be sure that ANTaR remains politically independent in supporting Indigenous peoples’ fight for justice in Australia.

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