For over 20 years the Sea of Hands has been a symbol that engages Australians with Reconciliation.
Each year, schools, community and sporting groups book the Sea of Hands to visit and support National Reconciliation Week.

The Sea of Hands could visit your community this year to mark:

● The 52nd Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum (27 May)
● National Close the Gap Day (21 March)
● Sorry Day (26 May)
● National Reconciliation Week (27 May to 3 June)

ANTaR has been working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, organisations and leaders on rights and reconciliation issues since 1997. Our first landmark installation outside Parliament House in Canberra on 27 October 1997 had 70,000 hands in the colours of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.

We have been at the heart of the reconciliation movement since that time, and through our Sea of Hands movement, nearly 400,000 Australians have signed their name on a hand and planted it in community installations around the country.

Your community could be the next to join in.