• The hard work starts now

    On election night, Anthony Albanese – the new Prime Minister of the just elected Labor Government – began his victory speech with an acknowledgement of Country and a reiteration of his commitment to finally give the Australian people a chance to honour the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

    Paul Wright

  • Let them eat Cake

    It may not quite compare to Marie Antoinette’s supposed words during the French Revolution to let the starving masses eat cake, but the indifference feels the same.  

    Paul Wright

  • History repeating: expecting injustice

    I’ve taken a bit of extra time to write these thoughts down… the outcome of the trial of Constable Zachary Rolfe for the killing of Kumanjayi Walker has been a heavy cloud hanging over the last two weeks.  

    Paul Wright

  • Pathways to Safety for First Nations Women

    This International Women’s Day, and every day, we are celebrating the courage, leadership and expertise of First Nations women, and calling on politicians to listen and respond to our calls for action.  

    Change the Record 

  • For we are not yet one, and far from free

    Incarceration Nation lifts the wool from Australia’s eyes. It provides the answers to the questions we often fall short of explaining, and most importantly it enables First Nations people and their voices to share first hand their experiences. It does so without the colonisers reinterpretation that serves to protect the integrity of Australia’s national identity.

    Chelsie Collard