Sea of Hands Pledge not to celebrate Australia Day on 26 January

We need 5,000 signatures.


Already 2,985 of 5,000 signed the petition.

I acknowledge that to the First Peoples of Australia, 26 January is a painful reminder of the invasion of their lands and the onset of the Frontier Wars, dispossession, massacres and oppression.

I acknowledge the resilience and resistance of First Peoples in the face of that invasion, and their ongoing survival as the oldest living cultures on the planet.

I pledge that:

  • I will not celebrate Australia Day on the 26 January

  • I will talk to friends and family about what 26 January means to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and / or attend a Survival Day or Invasion Day event in solidarity.

  • I will support campaigns to move Australia Day to a date all Australians can enjoy and celebrate. 

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