Tony Abbott is Not Our Special Envoy

Indigenous affairs is way too important to be a titled inducement for wayward politicians. As one of his first decisions as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison has sought to appease Tony Abbott by naming him ‘Special Envoy’ for Indigenous Affairs. The affairs of Australia’s First Peoples should never be subjected to the whims of political expediency.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders from across Australia have understandably expressed their dismay and frustration at such a decision. A Government that has repeatedly committed to the principle of ‘working with, not doing to’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have once again made a decision without any consultation or advice from the people it effects.


When Tony Abbott was Prime Minister, his Government cut over $500 million from the Indigenous Health budget - 5 years into a 25 year bipartisan commitment to close the gap in life expectancy and the related health disparities between Australia’s First Peoples and their fellow non-Indigenous Australians.

This is your opportunity, as one of the millions of Australians that want to see a fair go for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to make it clear that Tony Abbott is not our ‘Special Envoy’.