Treaty in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Government recognises that the First Nation Peoples of the NT never ceded sovereignty of their lands, seas or waters and previously selfgoverned in accordance with their traditional laws and customs.

The NT Government has committed to commencing treaty discussions with First Nations in the Territory through the Barunga Agreement (2018). The NT Government understands that there may be more than one Treaty and more than one Aboriginal group that is a party to that Treaty (or treaties).

A Treaty Commissioner (Professor Mick Dodson) has been appointed to consult with Aboriginal people in the NT to develop a framework for Treaty negotiations.


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What more can you do?

  • Check out the NT Treaty Commission
  • Keep an eye out for the submission process
  • Write to The Hon Selena Jane Malijarri Uibo MLA to state your support 
  • Write to Shadow minister Mr Gary Higgins, Leader of the Opposition, to state your support