Sister Girl

A new edition of Murri historian and activist Dr Jackie Huggins' seminal Tiddaist classic Sister Girl, featuring timely and compelling speeches and essays.

The pieces in this seminal collection represent almost four decades of writing by Huggins. These essays, speeches and interviews combine both the public and the personal in a bold trajectory tracing one Murri woman's journey towards self-discovery and human understanding. As a widely respected cultural educator and analyst, Huggins offers an Aboriginal view of the history, values and struggles of Indigenous people.

Sister Girl reflects on many important and timely topics, including identity, activism, leadership and reconciliation. It challenges accepted notions of the appropriateness of mainstream feminism in Aboriginal society and of white historians writing Indigenous history. Jackie Huggins' words, then and now, offer wisdom, urgency and hope.

Twenty-four years after it was originally published, with widespread media coverage and packed events schedule, it’s clear that Jackie’s words are as relevant as ever. 

The Saturday Paper has described it as ‘an indispensable work of Blak feminist history that absolutely demands to be read, taught and discussed widely’ and the book has garnered rave reviews from June Oscar AO, Melissa Lucashenko, Pat Anderson AO, Keelen Mailman and Larissa Behrendt to name a few.   

Jackie is hoping to entrench the term ‘Tiddaism’ in the hearts and minds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Australia and to further strengthen communities through her words and work while watching the next generation of strong, smart Blak women step up to take the lead. 

You can listen to Jackie with Larissa Behrendt on ABC Radio’s Speaking Out and with Astrid Edwards on The Garret podcast and can also catch her at the following upcoming events:

3 – 8 May: Brisbane Writers Festival

13 – 15 May: Kyogle Writers Festival

16 – 22 May: Sydney Writers Festival