Cultural Heritage

  • Submission: 2021 AHRC Native Title Report

    Last published: 3 March 2021Author: Paul Wright, ANTaR National Director

    This submission, to inform the Australian Human Rights Commission's Social Justice Commissioner in her preparation of the 2021 Native Title Report. The ANTaR submission covers: Accountability & Legislation; Heritage & Environmental Protection; and, Treaty & Truth as they relate to the Native Title space in Australia.

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  • Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia

    Last published: 31 July 2020Author: Paul Wright, ANTaR National Director

    This submission comments on: The interaction, of state indigenous heritage regulations with Commonwealth laws; The effectiveness and adequacy of state and federal laws in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage in each of the Australian
    jurisdictions; How Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage laws might be improved to guarantee the protection of culturally and historically significant sites; and related matters.

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  • Submission to the NSW Bushfire Inquiry

    Last published: 1 May 2020Author: Paul Wright, ANTaR National Director

    In this submission we support the development of future bushfire management practices should consider: The importance of engaging with First Nations Peoples in this inquiry and beyond; The value in using traditional and cultural fire management; and Understanding the vulnerability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in high
    bushfire risk zones.

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  • Submission on Native Title Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

    Last published: 3 December 2019Author: Paul Wright, ANTaR National Director

    This submissions advocates against proposed amedments to Native Title legistation in the following areas: De-registration of an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA); Commonwealth Intervention in native title proceedings; Amendments affecting RNTBCs and the CATSI Act – the power of the ORIC Registrar; Membership of PBCs and common law holders.

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  • Submission on Exposure Draft Native Title Reform

    Last published: 11 December 2018Author: Paul Wright, ANTaR National Director

    This submission comments on: Streamlining claims resolution and agreement-making processes; Supporting the capacity of native title holders through greater flexibility around internal decision-making; Increasing the transparency and accountability of prescribed bodies corporate (the corporations set up to manage native title) to the native title holders; Improving pathways for dispute resolution following a determination of native title; and Ensuring the validity of section 31 agreements in light of the Full Federal Court of Australia’s decision in McGlade v Native Title Registrar & Ors. [2017] FCAFC 10.

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