• ANTaR Factsheet – Treaty in ACT

    Last published: 10 June 2022Author: ANTaR

    The ACT government is committed to self-determination. We have heard loud and clear that treaty is an important issue for Ngunnawal people. Embarking on a treaty process with government is arguably the ultimate expression of self-determination, and the ACT government and ACT Labor are proud to support that process. Rachel Stephen-Smith, ACT MLA and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

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  • ANTaR Factsheet – Treaty in Tas

    Last published: 10 June 2022Author: ANTaR

    I think that moral element is something that is not measurable in dollars and cents but is part of the whole psyche and social fabric of Tasmania that a treaty can deliver. Palawa man and lawyer, Michael Mansell

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  • ANTaR Factsheet – Treaty in NSW

    Last published: 10 June 2022Author: ANTaR

    Treaty can be about completing us. This is our unfinished business. It is about finally and truly expunging the stain of terra nullius – the belief that this was an empty land free for the taking. Wiradjuri man and journalist, Stan Grant

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  • ANTaR Factsheet – What is Treaty?

    Last published: 10 June 2022Author: ANTaR

    Treaties are accepted around the world as a means of resolving differences between Indigenous peoples and those who have colonised their lands. They have been struck in the United States and Aotearoa New Zealand and are still being negotiated in Canada today. In contrast, no formal treaty has ever been signed between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the British or Australian governments.

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  • ANTaR Factsheet – Treaty in Vic

    Last published: 10 June 2022Author: ANTaR

    Treaties can deliver for all citizens, we can share with all Victorians the oldest living culture in the world... Our language, our stories. We can enrich Victoria and all Victorians by exposing them to Victorian Aboriginal cultures. Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner, Jill Gallagher

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  • ANTaR Factsheet – Treaty in WA

    Last published: 10 June 2022Author: ANTaR

    My heart is weeping with joy. We live with hope because we’ve been knocked from pillar to post for generations. We’ve always lived in hope that we would get to a point of being acknowledged as the first people of this nation. ...The past is past, but we need to move forward to a better future. Noongar elder Elizabeth Hayden

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  • ANTaR Factsheet – Treaty in SA

    Last published: 10 June 2022Author: ANTaR

    Even just with a mention of treaty, that opens up a different world for us to talk and put things in place, do all sorts of negotiations around how we structure our lives. Ngarrindjeri man and leader, Major Sumner

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  • ANTaR Factsheet – Treaty in Qld

    Last published: 10 June 2022Author: ANTaR

    Fundamentally, we want to come together as a community and say this is the path we want to take, this is the path we want to explore, and it’s through that process we’ll get a time frame. Deputy Premier Jackie Trad

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  • ANTaR Factsheet – Treaty in NT

    Last published: 10 June 2022Author: ANTaR

    The First Nations of the Northern Territory were self-governing in accordance with their traditional laws and customs. First Nations peoples of the Northern Territory never ceded sovereignty of their lands, seas and waters. Barunga Agreement

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  • 2022 Federal Election Scorecard

    Last published: 5 May 2022Author: ANTaR National

    In this 2022 Federal Election Scorecard, ANTaR has provided a guide to the policies of the Liberal-National Coalition, the Australian Labor Party and the Greens, in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs. We’ve provided Australian voters with an independent assessment of Federal Election platforms for 25 years, elevating issues of justice, rights and respect for First Nations Peoples.

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  • Treaty Talks – ESORA

    Last published: 15 July 2020Author: Eastern Suburbs Organisation for Reconciling Australia [ESORA]
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