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  • We Nurture our Culture for our Future and Our Culture Nurtures Us

    Last published: 19 March 2020Author: Close the Gap

    The 2020 Close the Gap Campaign report, again written by the Lowitja Institute and to be released on 19 March 2020, sets out a blueprint for change, presenting 14 recommendations for Australian governments that must be urgently implemented to avoid further preventable deaths and protect Indigenous health, wellbeing, culture and Country.

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  • Failure to Close the Gap puts Indigenous Communities at Risk

    Last published: 13 March 2020Author: Close the Gap Campaign

    The Close the Gap Campaign is cancelling its public events to mark Close the Gap Day on Thursday 19 March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

    The Close the Gap Campaign report will still be launched online on Close the Gap Day – this Thursday 19 March 2020.

    You can show your support by signing the Close the Gap campaign pledge at

    Follow #CloseTheGap, #closethegapday, #nurtureculturefuture and @closethegapOZ for more details.

    You can read more about the Close the Gap Campaign on the ANTaR website at

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  • Petition - National Close the Gap Day 2020

    Last published: 22 January 2020Author: Close the Gap Campaign

    Petition available to use for National Close the Gap Day 2020.

    Help gather supporter for this year's call to action. Send us back as many of these filled sheets as possible to Close the Gap Campaign, PO Box 77 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

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  • Our Choices Our Voices

    Last published: 21 March 2019Author: Close the Gap Campaign

    A report prepared by the Lowitja Institute for the Close the Gap Steering Committee.

    Following on from the 10-year review in 2018, the 2019 report identifies urgent prioritie themes of the Close the Gap Campaign such as:

    • Targeted, needs-based primary health care
    • Responsive health care system
    • Good housing for good health.

    The success stories highlighted in this report demonstrate that when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are involved in the design of the services they need, we are far more likely to achieve success.

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  • Achieving Indigenous Health Equality through the Close the Gap Campaign

    Last published: 13 February 2019Author: Close the Gap

    The Close the Gap Campaign has released its 2019 priorities for the next government of Australia.  The proposed policy agenda will, if fully funded and implemented, provide a pathway forward for an incoming government to achieve tangible improvements in life expectancy and other key health indicators.

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