• SUBMISSION: Territories Stolen Generations Redress Scheme

    Last published: 14 September 2021Author: Paul Wright, ANTaR National Director

    ANTaR commends the Federal Government for introducing the Stolen Generations Redress Scheme for the First Nations Peoples of the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Compensation for the generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, both children and their parents and families, is long overdue after the already all too slow formal Apology given in 2008.

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  • Uluru Statement for the Heart (A3 size for printing)

    Last published: 14 February 2020Author: The Statement From the Heart was made on the 26 May 2017 by delegates at the Referendum Convention at Uluru.

    The Statement From the Heart was made on the 26 May 2017 by delegates at the Referendum Convention at Uluru.

    This version has been scaled for printing at A3 size.

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  • Nation must find a more inclusive date for our national day

    Last published: 25 January 2017

    Tomorrow on 26 January, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and many other Australians will be honouring the resilience of First People in surviving the legacy of invasion, instead of celebrating Australia’s national holiday.

    Read more in our Media Release.


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  • State of Reconciliation Report

    Last published: 28 April 2016Author: Reconciliation Australia

    Twenty-five years after the establishment of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (CAR), this report examines the state of reconciliation in Australia today. The report uses a five dimensional framework of reconciliation to measure and analyse Australia’s progress over this time and set out a roadmap for a reconciled Australia. The intention is to spark a renewed national conversation about how, over the next 25 years, we can move towards becoming a reconciled, just and equitable Australia.

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  • Nation needs more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of parliament

    Last published: 2 March 2016Author: ANTaR
    National advocacy organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights, ANTaR, today welcomed this week’s announcement of two Aboriginal leaders’ intention to run for election to Federal Parliament.
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  • Reconciliation in Parliament

    Last published: 16 September 2015Author: ANTaR NSW and NSW Reconciliation in Parliament

    Now in its 9th year, Reconciliation in Parliament is a joint initiative of the NSW Reconciliation Council and ANTaR NSW to bring together parliamentarians from across the political spectrum in a bipartisan commitment to reconciliation. This years forum focuses on Aboriginal healing through languages and culture.  


    ANTaR NSW President Kate Aubrey-Poiner said “Culturally strong and community led healing is essential in improving the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal peoples in NSW. This seminar in Parliament looks at the importance of languages and culture in healing in NSW and shares knowledge of healing with communities and the NSW Parliament.

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  • Paul Keating's Redfern speech

    Last published: 6 September 2012

    Redfern Speech (Year for the World's Indigenous People) – Delivered in Redfern Park by Prime Minister Paul Keating, 10 December 1992.


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  • Sorry Day: A reminder of unfinished business

    Last published: 26 May 2011Author: ANTaR

    National Sorry Day is a reminder of the personal pain and ongoing damage caused by our nation's failure to respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as equals.

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  • Are we there yet? A Reconciliation Progress Report 2010

    Last published: 1 November 2010Author: ANTaR

    This Reconciliation Progress Report assesses progress in the ten years since the December 2000 Final Report of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation. The report calls on governments to advance their commitment to ‘resetting’ the relationship with Indigenous Australians by developing a clear reconciliation agenda. It makes a number of recommendations aimed at resetting relationships, respecting rights and resourcing reconciliation activities and groups. These include a proposed process for negotiated agreement-making, a broad and consultative constitutional reform process and a plan to close the Indigenous health gap.

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  • ANTaR Makes Australia Day Call for A Year of Re-commitment to Addressing the Unfinished Business of ‘Reconciliation’

    Last published: 22 January 2010Author: ANTaR

    Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR) called on governments and community organisations to revisit the reconciliation process and in particular address the unfinished business.

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