Native Title and Land Rights

  • Submission on Native Title Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

    Last published: 3 December 2019Author: Paul Wright, ANTaR National Director

    This submissions advocates against proposed amedments to Native Title legistation in the following areas: De-registration of an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA); Commonwealth Intervention in native title proceedings; Amendments affecting RNTBCs and the CATSI Act – the power of the ORIC Registrar; Membership of PBCs and common law holders.

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  • ANTaR Submission on Native Title Act amendments

    Last published: 13 December 2018

    ANTaR advocates for a fair native title system that gives equitable opportunity to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

    Read our submission to the Federal Attorney General regarding proposed amendments to the Native Title Act.

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  • Submission on Exposure Draft Native Title Reform

    Last published: 11 December 2018Author: Paul Wright, ANTaR National Director

    This submission comments on: Streamlining claims resolution and agreement-making processes; Supporting the capacity of native title holders through greater flexibility around internal decision-making; Increasing the transparency and accountability of prescribed bodies corporate (the corporations set up to manage native title) to the native title holders; Improving pathways for dispute resolution following a determination of native title; and Ensuring the validity of section 31 agreements in light of the Full Federal Court of Australia’s decision in McGlade v Native Title Registrar & Ors. [2017] FCAFC 10.

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  • ANTaR stands with Anangu in decision to ban tourists from climbing Uluru

    Last published: 2 November 2017

    National advocacy organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights ANTaR, today expressed strong support for the Anangu and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park board in their decision to ban people from climbing their sacred site, Uluru, from 2019. 

    National Director Andrew Meehan said the decision to ban climbing on Uluru from October 2019 showed extraordinary patience on the part of the Anangu and was completely justified.

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  • Comment on Native Title Amendment Bill 2012 Exposure Draft

    Last published: 1 October 2012Author: ANTaR

    In this submission we highlight the need for more far-reaching reforms as an urgent priority,
    informed by the inequities in the current system, the fact that time is running out for many
    Community Elders to see land justice in their life times and the obligations imposed on the
    Australian Government by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous
    Peoples (UNDRIP).

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  • Submission to Inquiry into the Native Title Amendment (Reform) Bill 2011

    Last published: 1 July 2011Author: ANTaR

    In this submission, ANTaR indicates its broad support for the overall objectives of the bill, to create a fairer native title system for recognising and adjudicating the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We encourage the Committee to ensure thorough consideration is given both to the overall objectives of the legislation and the specific measures proposed within it. While the submission notes that the Act could be improved to enable it to better achieve its objectives, ANTaR encourages this Committee to urge that the current Bill be used as a vehicle to make such improvements.


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  • Native Title reforms needed to create fairer and more sustainable system

    Last published: 22 March 2011Author: ANTaR

    ANTaR has welcomed the introduction yesterday by Greens Senator Rachel Siewert of a Private Members Bill to deliver improved outcomes for native title claimants.

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  • Inquiry into Indigenous economic development in Queensland and review of the Wild Rivers (Environmental Management) Bill 2010

    Last published: 1 February 2011Author: ANTaR

    In this submission, ANTaR emphasises the central importance of enabling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to have a genuine and ongoing say on and involvement in the development and implementation of policies, programs and laws which directly affect them. This is required by the right to  free, prior and informed consent contained in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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  • Submission to Native Title Leading Practice Agreements and Tax Reform Discussion Papers

    Last published: 1 November 2010Author: ANTaR

    In this submission, ANTaR responds to options proposed in the Leading Practice Discussion Paper relating to governance, the new statutory function and the leading practice toolkit. The paper also considers three reform options designed to clarify the tax status of native title payments including an income tax exemption, a new tax exempt vehicle and a native title withholding tax. The paper also discusses the use of deductible gift recipient categories to deliver benefits for communities, ‘consistent with the Government’s commitment to closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage’.


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