Northern Territory Communities

  • ANTaR stands with Anangu in decision to ban tourists from climbing Uluru

    Last published: 2 November 2017

    National advocacy organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights ANTaR, today expressed strong support for the Anangu and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park board in their decision to ban people from climbing their sacred site, Uluru, from 2019. 

    National Director Andrew Meehan said the decision to ban climbing on Uluru from October 2019 showed extraordinary patience on the part of the Anangu and was completely justified.

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  • Stronger Futures defies Aboriginal community aspirations

    Last published: 29 June 2012Author: ANTaR

    “The passage of the Stronger Futures bills through Parliament defies the aspirations of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory for more control over their lives and represents a  failure of political leadership”, said Ms Jacqueline Phillips, National Director of ANTaR.

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  • Budget delivers investment in remote communities

    Last published: 9 May 2012Author: ANTaR

    ANTaR has welcomed long-term funding delivered by the Budget for essential services in remote communities, along with new governance and leadership programs.

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  • 33,000 Australians oppose Stronger Futures bills

    Last published: 20 March 2012Author: ANTaR

    The Stand For Freedom campaign, created by Our Generation in partnership with ANTaR, will on Wednesday deliver a petition to the Senate signed by 33,000 Australians. The petition urges the Australian Government to withdraw the controversial Stronger Futures legislation, expected to be debated in the Senate this week.

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  • Musicians join campaign against Stronger Futures

    Last published: 8 March 2012Author: ANTaR

    Earlier this week, Our Generation Media, in partnership with ANTaR, launched a major online campaign, Stand For Freedom, to demand the withdrawal of the controversial Stronger Futures legislation.

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  • Senate Committee approves Stronger Futures despite growing opposition

    Last published: 5 March 2012Author: ANTaR

    The Senate Committee charged with reviewing the Stronger Futures Bills has supported the passage of the controversial legislation despite widespread community concern about its coercive measures.

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  • New laws would entrench coercive measures for another ten years

    Last published: 28 February 2012Author: ANTaR

    The Stronger Futures legislation passed the House of Representatives yesterday, weeks before the completion of a Senate inquiry into the bills which would entrench coercive measures for a further 10 years


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  • Submission to the Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry into Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill 2011 and two related bills

    Last published: 1 February 2012Author: ANTaR

    In this submission, ANTaR outlines a number of significant concerns about the Stronger Futures bills before Parliament and argues that, in order to achieve successful, long-lasting improvements to the health, safety and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the Commonwealth Government must engage with the principles that lie at the heart of its international and domestic commitments: self-determination of Aboriginal peoples, community-led development and evidence-based policy.

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  • Missed opportunity to reset policy direction and relationships with NT communities

    Last published: 14 November 2011Author: ANTaR

    The Federal Government’s announcement today of plans to extend its intervention in the NT reflects a missed opportunity to build a genuine partnership with Aboriginal communities in planning for their future.

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  • Support NT communities to shape their own development

    Last published: 8 September 2011Author: ANTaR

    Releasing its submission on the future of Northern Territory Aboriginal communities today, ANTaR calls on both major parties to learn from the international development experience and work with Aboriginal people to plan the transition from intervention to sustainable futures.

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  • A Better Way: Building healthy, safe and sustainable communities in the Northern Territory through a community development approach

    Last published: 1 September 2011Author: ANTaR

    Informed by the failures of the existing policy settings, the paper argues for an alternative framework (‘A Better Way’) to create safe, healthy and sustainable communities through a community development approach. In making the case for such an approach, the paper draws on lessons from international development and the Harvard Project to highlight the connection between governance, empowerment, community development and economic development. Key principles which underpin a community development approach are then identified based on these lessons and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, endorsed by the Australian Government. The potential of a community development approach to create social, economic and cultural benefits in NT communities is then explored. Finally, the paper analyses the directions outlined in the Government’s Stronger Futures paper against community development principles. It makes a series of recommendations for a longer-term community development future for NT remote communities, drawing on the work and recommendations of a range of Aboriginal organisations and research bodies.

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  • ANTaR backs calls to support homeland communities

    Last published: 9 August 2011Author: ANTaR

    ANTaR supports Amnesty International Australia’s call for governments to support the right of Aboriginal people to live on their traditional homelands.

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  • A Better Way: Success Stories in Aboriginal Community Control in the Northern Territory

    Last published: 1 January 2011Author: ANTaR

    Showcasing Success Stories in Aboriginal Community Control in the Northern Territory

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  • Aboriginal community organisations show governments A Better Way

    Last published: 26 October 2010Author: ANTaR

    Launching A Better Way: Success stories in Aboriginal community-control in the Northern Territory in Darwin today, ANTaR calls on governments to empower Aboriginal organisations and communities to drive solutions to the challenges they face.

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  • ANTaR launch: ‘A Better Way: Success stories in Aboriginal community control in the NT’

    Last published: 22 October 2010Author: ANTaR

    Community-control and genuine engagement must at the heart of a long-term sustainable community development strategy if governments are to partner effectively with Aboriginal people and successfully respond to the challenges facing Northern Territory communities.

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  • Intervention changes fail to deliver required reform

    Last published: 22 June 2010Author: ANTaR

    ANTaR has today cautiously welcomed improved protections against racial discrimination in the Northern Territory but argues there is a long way to go in the transition from intervention to sustained investment in community development.

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  • Opinion piece: Let Aboriginal communities have a say over Intervention

    Last published: 22 June 2010Author: ANTaR

    Three years on and the Northern Territory Intervention remains an unnecessarily blunt and coercive response to the complex social problems in remote Aboriginal communities.

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  • Comment on Draft Policy Outlines for New Model of Income Management

    Last published: 1 June 2010Author: ANTaR

    In this submission, ANTaR reiterates its opposition to the Government’s compulsory income management scheme and highlights concerns that it will affect broad categories of social security recipients, is not cost-effective and does not respect the rights and dignity of Indigenous or non-Indigenous social security recipients. The submission then analyses the draft guidelines and makes recommendations for change to ensure that the negative impacts of the policy are minimised.

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  • Submission to Inquiry into NTER Legislation Amendments, including Welfare Reform and Reinstatement of the Racial Discrimination Act.

    Last published: 1 February 2010Author: ANTaR

    In this submission, ANTaR advocates for an evidence-based approach to addressing the issues of Aboriginal disadvantage. We have stressed that such an approach requires that measures aimed at closing the gap must take account of the social and cultural determinants of health, particularly in the areas of individual and community control. For Aboriginal people this is, in essence, about empowerment – the ability to take responsibility for their lives and for the development of their communities.

    ANTaR submits that the Government’s proposed legislative amendments are not evidence-based and consistently err towards substituting individual and community control with control by the Minister and Government Departments, increasingly through inaccessible mechanisms such as regulations and Ministerial declaration.

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