Employment and Economic Development

  • Factsheet – Cashless Debit Card

    Last published: 11 May 2021Author: ANTaR National
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  • Inquiry into Indigenous economic development in Queensland and review of the Wild Rivers (Environmental Management) Bill 2010

    Last published: 1 February 2011Author: ANTaR

    In this submission, ANTaR emphasises the central importance of enabling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to have a genuine and ongoing say on and involvement in the development and implementation of policies, programs and laws which directly affect them. This is required by the right to  free, prior and informed consent contained in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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  • Submission to the Draft Indigenous Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

    Last published: 1 December 2010Author: ANTaR

    In this submission, ANTaR responds to the draft strategy by focussing on a number of priority issues, including: the relationship between human rights and economic development; resetting relationships: the need for genuine partnership with Indigenous communities; the importance of a community development approach to Indigenous economic development; the relationship between governance and economic development; the relationship between native title, land rights and economic development; the potential for an expanded role for the non-profit sector in Indigenous economic development; and learning from and building on success stories. 


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