Fact Sheet

  • Treaty in Australia

    Last published: 12 September 2019Author: ANTaR
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  • 2019 NSW State Election Scorecard

    Last published: 19 March 2019Author: ANTaR
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  • ALHR Fact Sheet on the Racial Discrimination Act

    Last published: 6 December 2016

    The Australian Lawyers for Human Rights have created a detailed fact sheet on the Racial Discrimination Act and have permitted ANTaR to share it on its website.

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  • Budget 2014 Infographic

    Last published: 16 May 2014Author: jane

    Our info graphic on the shocking budget cuts and impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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  • Spread the Word

    Last published: 7 June 2013Author: ANTaR

    At its heart, Constitutional recognition goes to our values as a nation – how should we reflect the history, culturesand continuing contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our defining document? How do we articulate the standards of equality, non-discrimination and inclusiveness to which we aspire.

    The lessons learnt from successful referendums is that political support across all parties is important, and that awareness and ownership by the Australian people is essential.

    Our political leaders are partners and collaborators in this historic move towards unity.

    The path to success now requires reaching the hearts and minds of the Australian people.  

    Help us grow the movement with our spread the word flyer

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  • 20 years since Mabo: The Facts on Native Title

    Last published: 23 August 2012

    Wondering what the impact of Native Title has been 20 years on?

    Read our fact sheet 20 years since Mabo: The Facts on Native Title



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  • How do we change the record

    Last published: 29 April 2015Author: Change the Record

    To Change the Record, we need to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communi-ties to invest in holistic early intervention, prevention and diversion strategies. These are smarter, evidence-based and more cost-effective solutions that increase safety, address the root causes of violence against women and children, cut reoffending and imprisonment rates, and build stronger communities. 

    Here is our list of what needs to be done. 

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  • Justice Campaign

    Last published: 14 November 2014Author: ANTaR

    The over representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the criminal justice system is one of the most significant social justice issues facing Australia. Read more about it. Download our fact sheet. 

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