Shannan's Story

My family has been fighting for the rights of the First Peoples for decades. My Uncle Paddy who last year became a Senator for WA in the Australian Parliament, and my Dad who was the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, have taught me to always stand up for what you believe in. I’m proud to have grown up with that, and am trying to contribute my bit to creating a better future for our mob.

That’s why I joined the ANTaR board 3 years ago. It reminds me that we have many good people standing with us in our struggle for justice, rights and respect. I share and want to contribute to realising ANTaR’s vision of a better country, and better outcomes for our people.

Since its formation, our mob has had ANTaR standing with us every step of the way, in struggle after struggle: Native Title, Reconciliation, Closing the Gap, Changing the incarceration record, Deaths in Custody, the Apology, the Bridge Walks, community closures in Western Australia, fighting racism, and many more issues. They’ve done so respectfully, often working in the background and supporting our voice. But they’re there.

Justice, rights and respect for our mob is difficult, long term work, requiring sustained effort over years. And it needs the goodwill of people like you, to continue to stand with the movement, taking action when called upon, and supporting our work financially when you can.

As a young Aboriginal woman, ANTaR has helped to give me a voice. There is so much more to do, but I’m proud to be on the board of ANTaR and I’m proud to be part of an organisation that stands with our people for a better nation where our rights as First Peoples are recognised and respected.

Please consider making a contribution to the ANTaR mid-year appeal so that we can continue this work and that my voice is continued to be heard loud and clear.

In Solidarity,

Shannan Dodson