The Cost of History

It was the comments on an article about the UK seeking restitution for hardships suffered as a result of Covid-19 that caught my eye – if any country is responsible, and thereby held financially culpable for any impact they had on another country, how far back can we go?

Wayne Willis

The Entire Truth

In the early afternoon, 250 years ago to the day – approximately 60km south-east of where I am writing this message on Darug land – James Cook and an entourage from his ship Endeavour stepped onto the land of the Gweagal people. 

Paul Wright

Treat-ed Right

‘Australia stands apart from the rest of the world and it is not for a reason that we can be proud of.’ ANTaR Intern and Masters of Development Studies candidate Luckylyn Wallace discusses how Australia is failing its First Nations Peoples when it comes to Treaty.

Luckylyn Wallace

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