NT Royal Commission Report - Soon to be Released

We’re heading to Canberra, as we did 20 years ago this month, and we need your help.

There were two events that marked the start of ANTaR 20 years ago.

On 12th October 1997, 50 volunteers planted 50,000 hands in the colours of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags right out the front of our nation’s Parliament. On the 25th November we were back again, this time with 500 volunteers who planted 100,000 in the same place.

At the time they were the largest public art displays for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights and reconciliation the nation had seen. Both were landmark events that started the Sea of Hands movement in support of First Peoples. ANTaR and our Sea of Hands movement has  been standing with First Peoples ever since.

It’s time to take the hands back to Canberra, this time to stand for stopping the crisis of imprisoning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children across the country.

On the 17th November the Royal Commission into the Detention and Protection of Children in the Northern Territory Report will be released following eight months of investigations.

The Commission, established after the harrowing report of Dylan Voller at Don Dale, will document widespread cases of abuse, over-imprisonment and breaches of human rights of children.

But during the eight months of the Royal Commission alone, there has been report after report of similar abuses in Queensland, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territories, New South Wales, and Victoria.

{contact.first_name} can you help get us, our volunteers, and our Sea of Hands to Canberra?

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples said the “extraordinarily high rate of incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, including women and children, is a major human rights concern.”

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children make up more than half the total number of children in prisons Australia-wide and are vastly overrepresented in the system when compared to non-Indigenous children. This crisis can’t continue under our noses.

With your help, we’re taking the hands to Canberra again to launch a National Youth Justice Action plan.

We have a clear plan, standing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders to call for action. We can’t let another report sit on the shelves, and we can’t let government pretend that locking up Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids and robbing them of a future is confined to the Northern Territory.

Together we can take the Sea of Hands to Canberra and demand government stop the crisis of locking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids up.

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