Horrific abuse of young people in Northern Territory must lead to real change

National advocacy organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, ANTaR today called for the sacking of Northern Territory Minister for Corrective Services, Justice, Families and Children, John Elferink following harrowing footage of abuse of young people in detention at Don Dale youth detention centre.


25 years of abject government failure must stop here

Today, on the 25th anniversary of the release of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Report ANTaR, calls for an end to government indifference to addressing the nationwide incarceration crisis facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. "Today is a sombre day, not only for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people but for the nation as a whole, that should jolt our nation’s leaders into real action on incarceration, in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People,”  Read ANTaR's S

Rethink Justice

The Australian Red Cross Vulnerability Report released today highlights that the $3.4 billion annual prison expenditure is failing to deliver effective justice, social or economic outcomes.

Royal Commission into Family Violence

Aboriginal womens experiences are front & centre in the Royal Commission into Family Violence. Change the Record Co Chair Jackie Huggins commends the Report’s recommendation that significant investment in Aboriginal community controlled services should be an urgent priority for Government.

ANTaR joins call for WA Government to stop locking up vulnerable people for unpaid fines

ANTaR joins over twenty Indigenous and human rights organisations have signed an open letter released today calling on Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett to stop locking up vulnerable people for unpaid fines. The open letter comes in the wake of the ongoing inquest into the tragic death of Ms Dhu, a 22-year old Aboriginal woman who died in police custody after being imprisoned for unpaid fines. Read the open letter here. 

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