Yesterday's Warriors, Today's Champions: Fighting Rheumatic Heart Disease

Modern day scars

Many young Aboriginal people today are wearing scars on their chests. Unlike the traditional tribal scars that were inflicted with humility and courage, these modern-day scars represent a very different story. These scars are a story of decades of systemic failings and the discrimination of the oldest living culture on the planet - the First Nations people of Australia.

Close the Gap Reset Urgently Required

In his 2005 landmark Social Justice Report, Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma called for a generational campaign to address the appalling gap in health between First Peoples and other Australians, that sees a baby born to an Aboriginal mother twice as likely to die before the age of four, and elders lives cut short by more than 10 years compared to non-Indigenous Australians.

Annual National Close the Gap Day Picnic 2016

Over 1600 hundred community and corporate events across the country today signalled the need for a recommitment to health equality this election year. Thank to those of you who joined us for the Annual National Close the Gap Day Picnic at Redfern Community Centre.  Read our National Close the Gap Press Statement here.




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