Constitutional Recognition

Rock for Recognition

Dan Sultan continues his support of Rock for Recognition in his upcoming 'Back to Basics Tour". See here for more information.

Constitutional Recognition Activist Training - Alice Springs

“Constitutional Recognition is a chance to unite Australians in a profound way after living apart from one another for so many chapters” Michael Long

Join the movement for Constitutional Recognition be part of our activist team

ANTaR will be holding activist training 

July 3 – Alice Springs – 6 - 9pm

Andy McNeill Room - Alice Springs Town Council

Register: [email protected] (Please register for catering purposes)

Activists needed for July 5 and 6 – Alice Springs Show

Constitutional Recognition - It's the right thing to do

ANTaR supporters have been continuing the discussion of Constitutional Recognition in Martin Place alongside a short film running on the Sydney Film Festival TV screen in support of Constitutional change.

Thanks to Sydney Film Festival and Outdoor Revolution.

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