• Priority Areas for the ACT Election

    ANTaR ACT sets out priorities for the upcoming ACT election, developed in consultation with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

    ANTaR ACT, Authorised by Janet Hunt. 

  • Bushfire Inquiry

    A Review of the Report from the NSW Independent Bushfire Inquiry.

    Paul Wright and Poppy Southern

    What was the Inquiry? 

  • Free the Flag

    ANTaR Opening Statement to the Senate Select Committee on the Aboriginal Flag, 23 September 2020.

    Paul Wright

  • Juukan Caves Update 14 Sept 2020

    Last week, the Rio Tinto Board dismissed CEO Jean-Sebastien Jacques, and two other senior executives (Australian iron ore head, Chris Salisbury, and the corporate affairs boss, Simone Niven)  for the premeditated destruction of the cultural heritage of the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura people, that rested for thousands of years in the Juukan Caves. 

  • The Top End Election 2020

    This Saturday, Northern Territorians go to the polls to decide their next Government.

    Paul Wright and Eddie Cubillo

  • Treaty Talks Series – Aden Ridgeway

    Tolerance and respect – Australia’s reconciliation process. A condensed version of the talk given at the ESORA Treaty! Let’s Get It Right! Forum, 2001.

    Aden Ridgeway