• Institutional racism in healthcare directly linked to poor health outcomes

    The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), the national agency for statistics and information about health and welfare in Australia, recently stated that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to wait much longer than non-Indigenous people for elective surgery [1]. 

    Dr Chris Bourke

  • A Question of Time

    I’ve been thinking about ‘time’ recently. As a person that has grown up immersed in the Western precepts of time as a commodity to be measured, quantified and sold, it can be difficult to think outside of the concept of time that I have been taught from the beginning.

    Paul Wright

  • 7 Steps to Close the Gap

    I’ve been a member of the Close the Gap Steering Committee since the beginning, and the good news is that the lack of progress in Closing the Gaps can be turned around, but this requires capitalising on the opportunities presented by the COAG partnership and a fundamental shift in the way programs are run.

    Ian Ring, AO

  • The Long Lie

    I have absolutely no problem celebrating on January 26… when I’m in India.

    That is the anniversary of the day in 1950 when India was declared an independent republic, free of both its colonial masters and the British crown. A coincidence that makes the Australian festivities around January 26 all the more perplexing and demeaning.

    Mungo MacCallum

  • Always Was, Always Will Be.

    So here we go again! January the 26th 2020, Australia Day, Foundation Day, Citizenship and Award ceremonies.

    For some of us.

    Des Rogers

  • No Tricks, Just Treaty.

    TREATY. What is it? Do we need one? What will it do?
    If we have one, what will it look like?

    Ashlee Kearney

  • Treat-ed Right

    ‘Australia stands apart from the rest of the world and it is not for a reason that we can be proud of.’ ANTaR Intern and Masters of Development Studies candidate Luckylyn Wallace discusses how Australia is failing its First Nations Peoples when it comes to Treaty.

    Luckylyn Wallace

  • Advance Screenings of The Australian Dream

    The Australian Dream premiered at opening night of the Melbourne International Film Festival last week. It’s a powerful and deeply personal account of Adam Goodes' journey from defying on-field, and very public, racial attacks to speaking out against racism as captain of the Sydney Swans and Australian of the Year.

    Thanks to Madman Films ANTaR is pleased to be able to host two special advanced screenings of the film in Melbourne and Sydney!

  • The day of observance that takes a week

    Happy NAIDOC week! Do you know what NAIDOC stands for?  It was originally the acronym for the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee when it was for a day – now we have a full week (and a bit in some states/territories). 

    Peter Lewis