• Budget fails First Peoples

    Last night we witnessed a complete lack of urgency and substance in the Federal Budget to address the ongoing disadvantage faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

    The Budget is all about priorities, and the government has failed to prioritise the health and wellbeing of the nation’s First Peoples.

  • Budget must invest in First Peoples

    Tomorrow night, Treasurer Scott Morrison will stand in front of the nation and deliver the 2017 Federal Budget. It will lay out the priorities for investment and cuts, and we’ll be watching closely.

    In meetings with the government, and with the help of our supporters who have tirelessly written to MPs, we’ve made it clear time and time again that you can’t cut from those most in need.

  • History in the Making

    On 14 February 2017 we witnessed history. Dr Jackie Huggins, Co-Chair of National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, handed the Prime Minister the Redfern Statement in a landmark ceremony in the Great Hall of Parliament House, Canberra.

  • A year all hope almost vanished

    I can’t remember a year when the challenges of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have so forcefully thrust themselves into the public consciousness.

    It was a year that saw numerous high profile cases of racism against First Peoples emerge, in a nation that should have stared down and ended such discrimination long ago.

  • Renewed attack on race hate protections is pure ideology

    National advocacy organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights, ANTaR, expressed disbelief that government has established an inquiry to try to undermine protections against race hate.

    Andrew Meehan, ANTaR National Director, said that the community had spoken very clearly in 2014 the last time government tried to wind back race hate protections, and government should take heed.

  • First Peoples workshop with Minister Scullion

    Today National Congress of Australia's First Peoples and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peak Bodies met with Minister Scullion to workshop progressing the Redfern Statement. The meeting provided an opportunity to develop a greater degree of understanding and mutual appreciation of the complexity of the Indigenous Portfolio which requires a whole of government approach.  

    First Peoples called on the next steps to include:

  • PM Meet with First Peoples

    ANTaR supported the voices of National Congress of Australia's First Peoples and peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations today as MPs arrived at Parliament House for the opening of the 45th Parliament.

  • The image the nation should have seen today

    We are outraged at the publication of a racist cartoon in the Australian newspaper. The cartoon demeans Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and will cause enormous hurt after what has been a traumatic time for many First Peoples following the frightening footage of mistreatment of young Aboriginal people shown on Four Corners last week.