A defining act of healing

Today ANTaR and many of its supporters will pause to reflect on the anniversary of the invasion that started the dispossession and oppression of Australia’s First People. We will join them in mourning what they have lost to the colonisation of their lands and honour their survival after years of fighting for justice, rights and respect.

Each year ANTaR works to educate and build awareness on the tragic legacy of January 26 and what it means for First People. We encourage the national conversation about our national holiday, knowing that these debates can bring Australia closer to reconciliation.

We believe Australians can rethink our national holiday and that if it helps relieve deeply held trauma and anxieties experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people we should move it too.

Please sign the Sea of Hands Pledge and join us in building awareness.

Thinking of how to mark the day? We’ve collated some of the events and rallies led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that are being held on the 26 January. View the list here. 

Many in our community may think the hurt and the scars held by First People can be overcome. How can we expect this when we’ve not experienced the ongoing disadvantage that has risen from the legacy of frontier wars, massacres and old racist government policies.

Without acknowledging the truth of our shared history, we cannot continue to develop a stronger relationship based on trust, understanding and empathy.

ANTaR works hard across many campaigns to address the inequalities Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders can experience to this day. This campaign plays an important role in our work by broadening community understanding of the legacy of past injustices upon First People and focuses on positive steps we can take towards a reconciled nation.

We hope you can take the pledge to:

  • Not celebrate Australia Day on the 26 January.
  • Talk to friends and family about what 26 January means to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and / or attend a Survival Day or Invasion Day event in solidarity.
  • Support campaigns to move Australia Day to a date all Australians can enjoy and celebrate.