"A Day When Action Breeds Hope"

Addressing supporters at ANTaR’s National Close the Gap Day Picnic at Prince Alfred Park, Sydney, Kirstie Parker – Co-Chair of the Close the Gap Committee and Co-Chair of the National Congress – spoke about her vision of Australia becoming “a big and courageous nation” and overcoming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health inequality.

In her address, Ms Parker stressed that in order to achieve this, the Federal Government needs show leadership and forge a nationally coordinated approach to funding with the state and territory governments in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The key to ensuring this happens is ongoing support and commitment from the Australian people.

“We need Australians from all walks of life to continue to demand that fairness justice and equity for Australia’s First Peoples is a core value of this nation”

National Close the Gap Day is important because it a day when Australians come together and collectively say, “we are the generation that will close the health and life expectancy gap by 2030”. As Kirstie stated in her speech, it is "a day when action breeds hope”.

You can read the full version of Kirstie’s speech here.

Issues: Health