Incarceration Nation

New documentary feature film available to stream on SBS On Demand.

The following contains images and voices of people who have passed, and images that may cause distress.


The team at ANTaR have been working in First Nations justice for decades and we’ve seen the devastating and heartbreaking story of the Incarceration Crisis before, but not ever told by First Nations people themselves in such a profound and powerful way on film.

In the cool, calm and controlled outrage expressed by the film's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, all who watch Incarceration Nation will see and hear the truth of this systematic injustice but also the strength and resilience of Aboriginal people. We must get this right.

This groundbreaking production by Aboriginal Director Dean Gibson (Mabo v Wik 2018) captures the raw reality for the many First Nations families who have suffered unspeakable losses and experience intergenerational trauma as a result of Australia’s ‘justice’ system failing them.

This story needs to be told - it’s time to put our Nation’s justice system on trial!

Help us get the word out

Join with ANTaR to stay connected to the First Nations justice issues raised by Incarceration Nation and help us get the word out so that as many people as possible watch the film.

We’ll keep you posted about our advocacy and what's being done by our partner Campaigns and organisations in the space. We'll also follow-up with next steps and further information on how to take action.