Registration of School Events

Stand with First Australians on National Close the Gap Day

More than a decade ago this year, the Close the Gap Campaign began National Close the Gap Day (NCTGD) to give opportunity to schools, business and communities around Australia the opportunity to stand with First Australians in demanding health equality for all.

From its humble beginnings, the third Thursday of March each year has seen NCTGD grow into a significant national day in support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing. We now have hundreds of thousands of people involved in events around the country each year - making it clear to our governments that Australians overwhelmingly support equality in our health system.

While progress in closing the gap has been far too slow for our liking, everyday we see great examples of communities and services showing innovation and initiative that is having a great and positive impact on the gap.

We are writing to you to strongly encourage your active participation in National Close the Gap Day this year. Held on the third Thursday in  atch each year, we want to see more and more schools join with us in showing our support. This is an educational opportunity where students, teachers and the whole school community can come together to discuss the facts of Indigenous health.

What can you do?

Firstly, we encourage your school to register an event using the form below.

You can also:

  • Find resources to download for the students and here more about the events taking place around the country.
  • Visit and Share the Close the Gap Facebook page to stay informed on the issues
  • Raise money for the Campaign
  • Write to your local MPs to express your support for health equality and to remind our parliaments around the country of their responsibility to close the gap.
  • Finally, we would love to hear about and see pics of what you are doing on NCTGD so please stay in touch by sending us your stories and pictures at [email protected]

School Registration Form

Step 1: Organiser Details
Thanks for taking on the role of event organiser. Complete the checklist below so we can get all the details of your event right. We will then review and confirm your event by email. You will then be able to use the tools on this page to share and promote your event and even help us raise some funds for the national campaign to Close the Gap. We appreciate your efforts and we are always here to help. Email us any time [email protected]
Step 2: The Basics
Tell us the basics about your activity. Such as what you have planned, when it will be and in your own words why people should come and support health equality.