Last year’s Budget cut of $534 million to Indigenous Affairs, followed by an open competitive tendering process as part of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS), has left Indigenous Affairs in disarray.  This year's budget has failed to address the turmoil the Government unleashed in 2014. 

The 2015 Budget fails to respect the importance of working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People with funding cuts remaining for the national representative body National Congress of Australi a’s First Peoples ($15 million), the Torres Strait Regional Authority ( $3.5 million), and limiting the functions of other peak Aboriginal organisations so that their capacity for engagement is limited.  

This Budget ignores the well kown fact that engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the development of policy, the design and development of service responses and the implementation of services results in the best and sustainable outcomes. 

This Unfair Budget has left Indigenous Affairs adrift.

Further analysis will be coming shortly.