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  • Last week, I had a chance to do a ‘roadie’ with my old boss and former Social Justice Commissioner, Mick Gooda. I’ve done a couple of trips with Mick over the years and it is always good fun doing a long drive with the great man.We we were driving from Brisbane to Bourke along the Kamilaroi Highway, in north-west NSW to visit our friends and colleagues at Maranguka Justice Reinvestment. ANTaR is a long time member of Just Reinvest NSW, which supports Maranguka out of the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW.Bourke forms part of a traditional boundary area for the Ngemba, Murrawarri, Budgiti and...
  • Treasurer Frydenberg announced the 2019 Federal Budget last night, promising a surplus and tax relief in the next financial year, but what does the Budget do to address the many barriers faced by Australia’s First Nations Peoples? ANTaR National Director Paul Wright provides his analysis.Budgets are always an opportunity to put our money where their (the Government’s) mouth is. But, where your treasure is, there your heart is also… what do I mean?If Government’s commitment to adequately budget for the health and wellbeing of Australia’s First Peoples matched the promises made...
  • The long and short of the PM's Closing the Gap Report and speech this morning is that we have gone backwards on closing the gap in the last 12 months. One year ago, as a nation, we were on track in 3 out of the 7 targets.This year the PM announced in his annual report to Parliament that there are now only 2 targets that can be considered on track - efforts to close the gap in early childhood education and Year 12 attainment seem to be on track but sadly, child mortality has once again slipped.Beyond the bland (and depressing) reporting on such limited success, the PM spoke about the current...
  • It has been interesting to observe the debate about what today, 26 Jaunary, means for us as a nation and individually. It seems to be more and more contested each year, it can feel like we are getting further bogged down in positions that are too entrenched to change.But… the thing that gives me the most encouragement on this issue is that the contention around 26 January is now no longer an ignored niggle at the margins but has truly become a core question being debated each year and challenging the way we see ourselves as a nation.It is by no accident that, the rise of ‘truth-telling’ as an...

About ANTaR

ANTaR is a national advocacy organisation dedicated specifically to the rights - and overcoming the disadvantage - of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

ANTaR has been working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and leaders on rights and reconciliation issues since 1997. ANTaR is an independent, national network of organisations and individuals working in support of justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia.

ANTaR is an independent non-government organisation and is non-party-political.

ANTaR has a close and unique working relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders.

ANTaR's purpose has always been to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people speaking for themselves, rather than to speak for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

ANTaR's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Group, comprising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and prominent individuals from around Australia, provides ANTaR with direction and feedback.

Central to ANTaR's activities has been the Sea of Hands. Over 300,000 Australians have put their signatures on a hand in the Sea of Hands and helped in its installation in locations around Australia.

ANTaR works on many levels to achieve its goals. This includes maintaining close liaison with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaderships and communities and assisting them to communicate their aspirations and concerns to the wider community; conducting national education and awareness campaigns on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs issues, as well as training, advice and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders.

Much of ANTaR's work is carried out by peak state and territory ANTaRs and by numerous local groups. This includes activities focused at a grass-roots level - local reconciliation initiatives which are carried out in conjunction with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups and other members of the local community. There are in excess of 200 local ANTaR groups.

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