2020 Queensland State Election Scorecard

We rate the major parties’ policies on First Nations issues

In this 2020 Queensland State Election Scorecard, ANTaR provides a guide to the policies of the Labor, Greens, and Liberal-National Coalition parties, in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs.

In September 2020, ANTaR wrote to Premier Palaszczuk, Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington and Greens Qld Michael Berkman, seeking their parties’ policies and election commitments relating to:

  1. TREATY: Despite the absence of national leadership a number of states, including QLD, have undertaken tentative processes of treaty making, to address the historical wrongs of the nation’s ‘unfinished business’ with its First Peoples.
  2. STOLEN WAGESIn 2002, the QLD government introduced a Reparations Offer in acknowledgement of the historical injustice of stolen wages throughout QLD.
  3. CLOSING THE GAP & THE INCARCERATION CRISISAfter the historic tripartite agreement between the Coalition of Peaks (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peak bodies), the Federal government and each state and territory, there is a new impetus to close the gap in life expectancy and health outcomes for First Nations People in QLD.
  4. HOUSING: Access to adequate and sustainable housing for First Nations Peoples is an issue of concern across Australia and progress continues to be slow.
  5. CULTURAL HERITAGEAfter the destruction of the Juukan Caves in WA in May 2020, there has been rising calls for much greater heritage protection in each State and Territory. Cultural heritage includes sites, language, oral traditions and many other elements that should be celebrated and protected.

The Queensland Government as well as the Queensland Greens party responded to ANTaR’s request for policies relating to these issues. We have also drawn upon election platforms and public statements to provide this guide to inform your vote. We have only highlighted the major policy commitments. We have also posted the full written responses from the Government and the Greens

ANTaR recommends close consideration of the policies of the major parties contesting the Queensland State election – and particularly the policies relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We believe that justice, rights and respect for Australia’s First Nations Peoples should be a top order priority for the next Queensland Government.

Full Response from the Queensland Government

To date we have received no response from the Queensland Liberal National Party.