2019 NSW State Election Scorecard

We rate the major parties’ policies on First Nations issues

In this 2019 NSW State Election Scorecard, ANTaR has provided a guide to the policies of the Liberal-National Coalition, the Labor and Greens parties, in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs.

In early March 2019, ANTaR wrote to Premier Berejiklian, Opposition Leader Michael Daley and Greens NSW spokesperson, David Shoebridge seeking their parties’ policies and election commitments relating to:

  1. CLOSING THE GAP: Closing the Gap in life expectancy and health outcomes between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in NSW and their fellow non-Indigenous citizens
  2. JUSTICE AND JUSTICE REINVESTMENT: To address the historically high incarceration rates in NSW
  3. OUT OF HOME CAREHow they will deliver Out of Home Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children that avoids unnecessarily splitting up families and communities
  4. TREATY: Undertaking a Treaty process in NSW to address the historical wrongs and move the state closer to reconciliation with its First Peoples

To date, the NSW Labor and Greens parties have responded to ANTaR’s request for policies relating to these issues. We have also drawn upon election platforms and public statements to provide this Election guide to inform your vote. We have only highlighted the major policy commitments. We have posted the written responses from The Greens and Labor.

ANTaR recommends close consideration of the policies of the major parties contesting the NSW State election - and particularly the policies relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We believe that justice, rights and respect for Australia’s First Peoples should be a top order priority for the next NSW Government.

Full Response from the NSW Greens
Full Response from NSW Labor

Full Response from the NSW Government The response to our questions to the NSW Government arrived after the deadline of 13 March 2019 and after publication of the Election Scorecard

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